New Forest Mushroom Foray

New Forest Foray with big lunch26-10-13

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These are held in the New Forest in Hampshire. I have been running them for four years now and they have been extraordinarily successful and much enjoyed by those taking part.

The cost is £85 for an adult and £15 for a child 5 to 15. This includes a lot of food - see below!

We meet at 10:30am at the location I will inform you of when you have booked. The day starts with an essential forager's nip and some nice biscuits followed by a brief talk. We then spend two and a half to three hours looking for fungi. Then back for a very good lunch which will include lots of goodies, lots of booze (if you want), and my now famous Honey Cake! In the afternoon there will be another, much briefer, foray in which you will be accompanied by my wife Diane, who also knows her mushrooms, or perhaps one of my knowledgeable fungal friends who has come along for a free lunch. During this time I will lay out our finds of the morning and label everything. There will be a show and tell at the end of the day and there may even be a bit of a fry-up. The day will finish around 5 - 5:30pm.

The New Forest is a superb place to find fungi and, although some years and days are better than others, it has never let us down. It is however always possible that it will be unseasonably dry or cold and the fungi may be a little harder to find. Whatever the weather we have in the past always found between 40 and 85 species so there should be plenty to see. Not all of these are edible, of course, but they are all interesting, and seeing a variety of different fungi is still of great help to anyone who is concerned mostly with the table.

There are many rare fungi to be found in the Forest and there are also lots of fungi that you cannot eat. We will collect only a sample or two of each fungus we find and just note any that are rare. Common edible fungi will be collected with restraint (not too much) and well within Forestry Commission rules.

The foray will not be cancelled for bad weather less than a hurricane or a foot of snow. Rain is the mushroom hunter's friend.

I am sure you will enjoy the day and hope to see you in the Autumn.


Ps – if you are booking as a gift for someone I would be delighted to provide a signed “Certificate” so there is actually something to wrap up. At the end of the booking process there is the opportunity to email a request for one which I can send you by post or as a pdf file. Dietary requirements can be emailed to me in the same way.

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Mushroom foray in the New Forest
New Forest mushroom foray
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