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Welcome to my web site which supports the fungus forays and seashore forays I run in Dorset, Devon, Hampshire and elsewhere. It also supports my three foraging books - these are Hedgerow, Mushrooms, and Seashore sections linked at the top right of this page. These provide (or will provide shortly) extra content for my three foraging books. Here are some for the Hedgerow book.

All my forays for this year are full. However a few people have been unable to make it and some have moved, so there are a few places available. I will post these dates on Tuesday.

I will be back at the Carriage House Restaurant in Middle Claydon, Buckinghamshire on the 1st November. I have taken successful forays there for some years and it still holds the record for the largest number of species found in one day. Follow this link to find out more.

There is an article in the Independent which I wrote about my seashore forays near Dunbar. We will be running this foray again next year. 

I will be making my annual mushrooming pilgrimage to Moon Down near Tunbridge Wells on the 14th and 15th October. The varied habitat makes it one of the best places I know to find fungi and every foray I have taken there has been a joy. If you would like to join me, do contact Lisa directly at http://moondown.co.uk/mushroom_foraging.html

I am very lucky to have been invited back for the third year to take a foray on Sark, courtesy of the superb Stocks Hotel. It is such a friendly hotel, the food is terrific and the comfort and service are second to none. I don't get this excited often, really. If you would like to come along the booking is page is here.


After two successful forays to the wilds of Scotland last year I have decided to do some more! I will also be spending three days in various far flung fungus foraging locations in Scotland from the 26th to the 28th September. The latter are separate forays but if anyone wanted to join us for all three they would be very welcome - the habitats and therefore fungi will be different.

Several New Forest Mushroom forays are (soon to be) live and bookable. I have made a small change in the format of my mushroom forays. In celebration of my new book "Booze" they are now "Cakes and Ale" days. This means that I will just provide drink (lots, and not just beer) and several species of cake (again, lots, and homemade) - and some cheese and biscuits. And, all being well, a fry up at the end of the day. If you would like to bring along some sandwiches or something that might help but you may not need any.

My article in the Independent describes the seashore forays I run near Dunbar every year with Monica Wilde. It is a remarkable place and I was rather pleased with the photograph taken the evening before as the sun came down. The photo is not retouched at all, these are natural colours. The seaweeds are Dulse, Laver, Dabberlocks and Gutweed, all edible.

I have written three books on foraging and one on home-brewing for the River Cottage Handbook series:

The Mushroom Handbook is written to provide the easiest possible introduction to the rather worrying world of wild mushrooms. I cover most of the common edible species with descriptions of dangerous look-alikes. There is a simple key and extensive guidance on what to look for when trying to identify a species.

There are also some recipes!

Writing the Edible Seashore was a big adventure for me and I share in its pages what I already knew and what I learned in the writing of it. Seaside plants, seaweeds, crustaceans and molluscs are all covered. Again there is a chapter with some pretty good recipes.

Hedgerow fills in all the gaps left by the other two, exploring the vast amount of wild food available from hedgerow, field, heath, wood and bog. This time I wrote all the recipes myself (with the invaluable help on some of them from Pam Corbin - the lady who wrote the excellent Preserves Handbook). I can highly recommend Juniper Toffee and Elderflower Delight!






Booze covers the four areas of home brewing: Infusions, Wine, Cider and Beer. Home brewing is an enormous amount of fun and can save a huge amount of money, especially for someone like me who likes a tipple (but not too much). Beer at 8p a pint? And a good beer at that. The beer section tells you, as clearly as possible, how to go about making malt extract beers and whole-grain beers. Infusions use a great deal of forageable produce, as do the wines.

It was great fun to write and for some reason took a long time.

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Mushroom foray in the New Forest
New Forest mushroom foray
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New Forest mushroom foray
Mushroom foray in the New Forest
New Forest mushroom foray
| Sorry - Fully Booked!
Mushroom foray in the New Forest
New Forest mushroom foray
| Sorry - Fully Booked!

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